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The Bug Bounty Hunter

Inside the CartMadhu Karuthedath16 CommentsAnand Prakash, bounty, bug, facebook, Flipkart, twitterGo Social471400605The biggest pain of getting to Flipkart’s Mantri office is squeezing through the final narrow stretch that opens up to the mammoth edifice. It was 3.50 PM on the 12th of February—I rung up Anand to confirm that the meeting was still on, and that I’ll be with him in a few minutes. Anand responded reassuringly.It was about a week back, during a Tech Talk by Girish Patangay at Flipkar..

So what’s your #dothumbthing profile?

Inside the Cart Our TakeMadhu Karuthedath9 Commentsapp, campaign, dothumbthing, Flipkart, mobile, shopping, thumbGo Social01000The fast ones or the slow ones. The lazy ones or the crazy ones. There are many types of mobile shoppers out there who #dothumbthing. Question is which type are you? Here are a few popular thumb shopper profiles that are worth knowing. The fastest thumb in the countryThumb 1Mostly encountered during flash sales, these thumb-folks are above one’s bend and straight in for ..

Quick tips to flip your partner’s heart

Inside the Cart Our TakeMadhu Karuthedath7 CommentsFebruary 14, Flipkart, valentine, valentine's dayGo Social00000Roses are red.Violets are blue.It’s Valentine’s Day.So whatcha gonna do?Yes… it’s that time of the year when the whole planet is on a love buzz. And if you ever enter a mall this time around, it’s hard to disregard the blinding red-wrapped bouquets or heart-shaped chocolate boxes. No offence but a bit too mushy for my liking.It’s not enough that love itself is complicated—with all th..

A New Journey: Adobe to Flipkart

Why would one move from a fantastic UX Design job, from one of the world’s best UX design firms, to Head the UX Design team at Flipkart? Well, here is what Jay Dutta has to say about it…..

The Flip-way with words

We all have a way with words. But having our own words… now that’s quite unusual, isn’t it!Among the many serious inventions we make at Flipkart, at times we also bump into some not so weighty ones. The Fliptionary was one such creation—containing a collection of universally unacquainted words, discovered or invented in the course of Flipkart’s journey. And if words like selfie, freegan and turducken can squeeze its way into the Merriam Webster dictionary, we have a few good ones from our lexico..

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